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Flutterbug Friday #32

Its been about two weeks since we got back from our Miami trip. As usual we had a great time with our grandparents and cousins. During this visit we went to the Miami Children’s Museum. What a great place to visit and soooo much fun. How lucky are we that they had a Clifford the Big Red Dog exhibit.  Clifford is one of our favorite shows. Ariana loves T-bone and I love Cleo, of course. We will definitely be going back to visit; we truly enjoyed our time there.


Play, play & more play…


We have been playing hard lately and loving it!

Flutterbug Friday #31- Stroller Derby

Hooray! Skies cleared up and out we went for a race around our block!

img_1106    img_1101



Rainy Day Interview

First of April brought us all day rain. While sitting with Gabby on the couch drinking hot cocoa, we started talking about her favorite things. 

I thought I record Gabby’s favorites at 3years old. 

Favorite Drink: Apple Juice

Favorite Toy:  My Computer   - (Leap Frog Click Start Computer)

Favorite TV Show:  Martha Speaks

Favorite Game:  Hide and  Seek

Favorite Book:  Little Miss Bossy

Favorite Holiday:  Halloween 

Favorite Animal:  Cat

Favorite Place to Go:  The Park 

Favorite Place to Eat:  Outside, like a picnic mama

Favorite Song:  The Jack Song - (Hit the Road Jack, by Ray Charles)

Favorite Snack:  Raisins

Favorite Cookie:  Sprinkle Cookie  - (From Publix)

Favorite Color:  Pink

Favorite article of clothing to wear:  Mama… my pink tutu

Favorite Fruit:  Raspberries 

Favorite playmate:  Ariana, mama, dada … wait… Angelina and her dada too.

Seminoles vs Gators

Last minute, we decided to take the girls to their first baseball game. 

The Gators were meeting the Seminoles tonight at the Baseball Grounds of Jax for the second encounter of the Sunshine rivals. 



Gabby giving her Gators a “thumbs up”. 

img_1118  img_1126  img_1129-11

How can you attend a ball game and not eat ice cream from the helmet and then wear it on your head.

After we cheered on the Gators. We gave Ariana a special treat to try for the first time. 


Yummy cotton candy. 

We totally lucked out it didn’t rain on us. Skies were dark and grey. We walked the grounds and the girls ran and played. 


We left at the bottom of the third inning.  A great evening for all of us.