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I Heart Faces Entry Kids- Easter/Spring

My first photo entry for I Heart Faces! This weeks theme is Easter/Spring.



Easter Week

Was fun and busy. Briefly played with the cousins. Sad to see them go to Orlando for the week. Ate too many Easter baked goods. Warm enough for Matheson Hammock and Key Biscayne Beach. Daddy’s tidal pool. Sand castle fun. Visit with Tio Juan. Miami Metro Zoo Egg Safari. 



Easter Crafts


The girls had fun painting Easter eggs. I intended on taking pictures… but oh boy the mess.  Ariana thought the little Paas Easter egg tablets was candy. Her mouth was dyed blue by the time we finished. Gabby on the other hand, enjoyed painting herself. The kit we bought had miniature rollers.  She happily painted on her legs and arms. As I said… oh the mess. 

As the week progressed, Gabby asked to do some arts and craft. I quickly hopped on the internet and found some ideas . We made lollipop flowers. A variation idea from this crafty lady.  We also made Martha Stewart’s envelope bunnies. Again we made a variation of it. Filled the envelopes with chocolates and candies to give out.  

Before we took off for South Florida the girls and I decorated their rooms with hanging carrots and wooden bunnies.

Colorful Cheerios = Rainbow

We played and ate “colorful cheerios” today. 


Girls admiring their work.

Ariana helped with sorting the colors and Gabby glued the cereal onto the paper. 


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Valentine’s Recap

Well I didn’t get a chance to post all of our Valentine’s Crafts. However, we did them all. The week before Valentine’s Day, we headed to my parents’ home in Weston. We had a great visit. While we were down there we stopped by IKEA and picked up a rocker for the girls.  

img_0828  img_0824

Gabby and Drake had a great time playing with it. 

img_0818  img_0822

They came up with a clever way of riding with their St. Valentine’s Balloons. Only Drakie can’t say “balloon” he says “malloon”. I get a kick out of that. 


We hope you all had a great Valentine’s too.