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Drakie Poo

Three years ago today, I was awaken by the house phone. My sister in law called at 3am to inform me that she was driving herself to the hospital because she was in labor. My brother had to stay home with my older nephews and they were trying to get my parents to go over to watch the boys. Well that never happened.

I got my preggo self out of bed and dressed and drove over to the hospital to be with her. Interestingly enough, I had never been to the birth of my two older nephews. However, I wanted to be present for this one; maybe because I was pregnant with Gabby at the time. So there I was with my sister in law and all her co-workers; she is a labor and delivery nurse at Memorial Hospital. I did all that was required of me and just pass 9am, Drake Evan Rodriguez was born. 


I had the privilege of cutting the umbilical cord.


Happy Birthday Drakie Poo! We love you lots and we hope you enjoy your Spider Man birthday party on Saturday! 


Gabby, Ari, Titi and Tio Jorge

Christmas Memories ‘08

We had a fun filled Christmas Break this year. We did so many activities and visited with so many loved ones. We started of by making homemade ornaments. The girls enjoyed kneading the dough and using cookie cutters. We then decorated the ornaments with paint and glitter.

Messy Indeed! 

100_31512          100_3153

img_0235         img_0230

Gabby kept saying the ornaments looked “delicious”… “I can just eat them mama”. 

The girls also were busy with holiday activities. We went over to our neighbor’s house for brunch one morning. What fun they had with the kids in their neighborhood. We also went to the holiday party at Cecil Field. Though, we didn’t stay long; Gabby was able to get her face painted. 


Jacksonville had lots going on for the kids in Downtown. We hung out with our friends the Davis Family. It was a really cold Saturday morning and we decide to hang out at our favorite downtown spot, the library. 




We finally took off for Miami, but had to make a quick stop to celebrate my nephew Aidan’s 5th birthday at Fuddruckers. 



Where Gabby tried her first vanilla shake. 


And where this little one couldn’t get enough of her abuelo.

More Christmas Memories with the arrival of the girls’ Tio Juan from London. 




Tio Juan happily played ball, hide and go seek, endured the torture of Dora and Diego cartoons and played some tunes for the girls. 


Gabby was smitten by her Tio Juan. 

We have definitely started a new tradition among the Sierra/ Rodriguez cousins. Noche Buena the kids enjoyed running around my in-laws backyard wearing their reindeer hats. Gabby and I spent the morning making them. 

img_0424   img_0430

img_0431    img_0440


And while it rained, it didn’t stop the reindeer games. 

After all the clowning and running around. The girls settled in for the evening in their Christmas PJs; which conincidently were reindeer pajamas this year. 


Thankful ‘08

Thanksgiving was at our house this year. My brother and his family drove up and my other brother flew in. All in all we were 12 people; 7 adults and 5 kids. We are thankful for many many things. 

Thankful for park time before thanksgiving dinner and cousins who made Gabby face her fear of the slide. 

Thankful for the medical attention the little one is receiving.

Although my nephew Aidan was not feeling his best, he managed to give his “titi sheila” a smile.

After our thanksgiving feast, a turkey chase when on throughout the house.


Thankful for “tio juan” who cuddles up to watch Charlie’s Brown Thanksgiving”

Thankful for Dancing Kids in their pajamas. 

Thankful for the buddy system,

for train rides at the zoo, 

and for feeding beautiful giraffes.

Thankful for “nana” who always keeps a watchful eye. 

We hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving.

Summer 2008

We have had a great summer. Our summer will be best remembered by what we did:

1. Jacksonville Zoo. 2. Splash Park. 3. Feeding the Giraffes. 4. Jacksonville Beach 5. Pinecrest Gardens. 6. Ariana’s Birthday. 7. Dancing with the Cousins. 8. Visiting the Abuelos. 9. 4th of July Fireworks. 10. Chick Fil A Playground. 11. Chuck E Cheese. 12. Kid Kampus. 13. Alpine Grove Park. 14. Stinson Park. 15. Kingsley Park. 16. Crystal Springs Park. 17. Miami Seaquarium. 18. Watching “Lolita the Killer Whale”. 19. Ft. Lauderdale Beach. 20. Making Drip Castles. 21. RainForest Cafe Playground. 22. Miramar Water Park. 23. Playing Hot Potato. 24. Ring around the Rosy. 25. Hopscotch. 26. Swimming Pool (over and over). 27. Gymboree. 28. Story Time. 29. Art Time. 30. Playing in the Fountain. 31. Cummer Museum. 32. MOSH. 33. Natural History. 34. Katelyn’s Birthday. 35. Cold Stone Creamery. 36. Indoor Picnics. 37. Painting the Inside of our house. 38. Swimming Lessons. 39.Diamond D. 40. Wii. 41. Friendly Stars (Planetarium). 42. Labor Day Cookout. 43. Making New Friends. 44. Hanna Park Sprinkle Waterpark. 45. Tree Hill. 46. St. Augustine Beach. 47. Alligator Farm. 48. Davenport Park. 49. St. Augustine Lighthouse. 50. Mosquito Bites


Ariana is walking! Just over a week ago, we got back from Gabby’s Gymboree class and hung out in the play area with the girls. All of the sudden, Ariana stood up took her first steps.

Just like her dada, she walked at 13 months.