Blackberry Hill Farm

Last Saturday, after breakfast we took a drive out to Middleburg to visit a farm and go blueberry picking.


When we mentioned to Gabby we were going blueberry picking she immediately stopped what she was doing and searched for her “pink” Easter bucket. These days, everything is pink.

Daddy gave the girls a quick lesson on how to pick and which berries to pick.


Ariana happily ate all the berries she picked.



After the enthusiasm of blueberry picking wore off the girls decided to race around the farm.


Most of the blueberry bushes had tons of green berries ready for ripening in the next few days. The owner of the farm was very nice and informed us that he was not going to open during the week, but was expecting a large crowd on 4th of July weekend.  I was concern about bugs, thus dressing the girls in long pants.  However, even on a hot day there weren’t many bugs to deal with and while I expected to run into anthills, I didn’t see many of those either. We also picked up some delicious honey that they sell from a local beekeeper.


Gabby proudly showing off her pickings and wanting to get home to make a recipe.


We didn’t get a chance to make a recipe with the blueberries. Ariana kept popping them in her mouth on our drive back.

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